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OGame Turkiye - Legendary Game in Space

OGame Turkiye - Legendary classic OGame server. Now, on Mobile and All Devices.

OGame Excitement Has Started Again

The excitement of OGame with OGame Turkiye has started again. Explore space with thousands of players.
OGame Turkiye is a new generation space game.

Real Time Space Game

Real Time Space Game
Become the ruler of the universe with your friends.
OGame Turkiye It's the game of emperors.

Play in Old Universes
Kripton, Argon, Pegasus, Evren 3, Evren 4 Play

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Active Universes

Universe - Orion

  • Universe Open Date 03.04.2020
  • Registered 168
  • Planets 648
  • Overall Game Speed X 300
  • Fleet Speed X 3
  • Resources Speed X 450
  • Percentage of Fleet turned into Debris after an Attack 60 %
  • Percentage of Defence turned into Debris after an Attack 10 %
  • Jump gate charge 8min
  • Minimum period of vacation mode 2 days max 30 days

Latest News

Aktivasyon E-postaları / Activation E-mail

On 03 April 2020, 19:57:02

Şuana kadar evrene kayıt olup aktivasyon işlemini yapamayan hesapların tamamı aktif edilmiştir. Bundan sonraki üyelikler için aşağıdaki metni inceleyebilirsiniz.

Portal üyeliği formunu doldurduktan…

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Yeni Evren Açılışı

On 27 March 2020, 19:42:47

Orion yeni evreni 03 Nisan 2020 Cuma Günü Saat 20:00'da açılacaktır.

Takipte kalın.

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OGame Turkiye

About OGame Turkiye

OGame Turkiye is a private server and provides continuous service since 2014. It is one of the leading sites that adapts OGame to mobile platform. OGame is a mobile-friendly version that is played faster and more conveniently in its classic theme. It can also be called as ogame private server or pvp ogame.

Play OGame on Mobile

In order to play OGame comfortably from your phone, an important update has been provided within the scope of mobile compatibility by 2020. The update is not just for mobile compatibility. Many extra features have been developed within the scope of playability. Especially the updates made within the scope of the infrastructure; It reduced the error rate to zero in time-dependent operations such as the order of encounters of the fleets and the order of gathering ruins.

Best OGame Private Server

The improvements made within the scope of the best ogame private server are always ongoing. As it is known, Ogame can be defined as an online strategy game. Register and create your strategy.

OGame Rules

Do not forget to read the Rules before starting the game. OGame Turkiye has elaborate rules for a transparent management possible. Many accounts can be damaged by not reading and knowing the rules. Management is not responsible for such situations. Registered members can register to the game by accepting the rules.

Use a valid e-mail address for activation when registering for the game. Although we have a Whatsapp line for communication, in security-related situations, information will be provided via mail, not through the game.